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Night guard for teeth clenching

Why you will want a night guard for teeth clenching

A disruptive and destructive condition which many suffers are unaware of is tooth grinding. Clinically known as bruxism, it can cause excess tooth wear, chips and cracks in your tooth enamel, fillings can become loose and fall out, and in some cases it can cause jaw alignment problems.

It is a sub-conscious condition mostly occurring during sleep, where without muscle control your bite force can be up to six times greater than when awake, bruxism can also be triggered during times of stress. An uneven bite is also thought to contribute to why some people grind their teeth.

The abrasive nature of bruxism can cause the enamel to wear away and expose the underlying dentin, contributing to tooth sensitivity. Further, constant clenching can cause muscle strain in your jaw joint leading to headaches, and neck and shoulder pain.

A subsequent examination by cosmetic dentist Dr Birdseye can check for the tell-tale signs of bruxism. A partner, who can hear the grinding of the teeth, may even alert some patients to bruxism. If there are indications that suggest you may suffer from bruxism, Dr Birdseye may recommend regular visits to confirm this prior to commencing any therapy.

One of the most efficient and effective treatment therapies is the use of a custom-made acrylic night guard or bite splint, moulded from a cast of your teeth and gums. This is worn at night to prevent any further damage to your teeth and lessen the strain on your jaw muscles. In some cases, it may be recommended by Dr Birdseye that you wear your guard at certain times during the day.

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The cause of bruxism for some patients can be cyclical; implementing some simple relaxation techniques can lessen the damaging result of bruxism. By diagnosing and addressing the problem in its early stages, Dr Birdseye can limit its impact on your oral and general health and resolve any damage caused through restorative dental procedures.

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