White Fillings & Bonding

White Fillings & Dental Bonding Melbourne CBD

For improved oral health, Birdseye Dental Group offer white fillings and dental bonding to patients in Melbourne

The traditional way of restoring a tooth with a silver or grey looking amalgam filling is giving way to the more popular and natural looking white composite filling.

A blend of fine glass particles and silica mixed to a paste-like consistency, the composite material can be moulded to the exact shape of the tooth being repaired. This enables your restoration to be completed with much less natural tooth structure needing to be removed than if an amalgam filling were to be placed. Once shaped the composite filling is hardened through use of a specially developed light.

One of the most notable advantages white composite fillings have over metal fillings is they achieve a stronger bond with your natural tooth. Previously, composite fillings were confined to restoring front teeth where the biting force is less strenuous. Through the development of quality of materials now available, composites can successfully be placed in back teeth where chewing and grinding forces are far greater.

Metal fillings are temperature sensitive, therefore expand and contract with temperature changes that occur through the consumption of hot and cold foods and drinks, a trait not shared by composite white fillings. This can lead to the amalgam filling causing further fracturing and breakage of the restored tooth, the filling may become loose or even be lost.

The procedure for receiving a white composite filling is almost identical to that for a traditional silver filling and can often be completed in a single appointment visit.  Dr Birdseye carefully and gently prepares your tooth by removing all the present decay. The tooth enamel is then made slightly rough using a mild acidic solution, this will ensure a strong bond is achieved before the composite filling is hardened and sculpted to the perfect shape.

White fillings & dental bonding in Melbourne

Innovative new dental techniques enable Dr Birdseye to utilise composite fillings for various restorative treatments and not just to restore teeth with decay. They are becoming a popular option for many cosmetic procedures including changing and enhancing the colour of your teeth or reshaping uneven teeth for a straighter looking smile with a natural appearance.

Incorporating a regular oral hygiene routine of brushing twice a day and flossing once a day will ensure your natural teeth and gums remain healthy and the longevity of your white composite fillings giving you a fresh new smile.

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