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Still one of the most popular and widely utilised options for replacing missing teeth, dentures are preferred by some patients over dental implants as they provide a more immediate replacement solution. When fitted correctly dentures should be secure, comfortable and pain free.

It is vitally important for your general and oral health that your dentures are right for your personal situation. Our dentists are able to advise you on selecting your dentures. There are various types of dentures, partial for replacing only a few teeth and full, used when there is a need to replace an entire upper or lower arch.

An ongoing care routine for your denture and gums is equally important as it is for natural teeth. Remove and brush your denture daily using a specially designed denture brush and cleanser, do not use harsh, abrasive cleansers, including abrasive toothpastes as they can scratch the surface of your denture. If you wear a partial denture be sure to remove it prior to brushing your natural teeth. When you are not wearing your denture, such as during sleep, soak it in a cleanser solution or in water, this will prevent it from drying out, which can sometimes cause shrinkage.

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Regular check-up appointments are required to enable cosmetic dentist Dr Birdseye to monitor your gum tissues for signs of change. When you have teeth missing, your gum-line and facial bone structure can alter in shape, essentially your dentures will therefore also need to be adjusted to ensure they remain in perfect alignment with your gum contour.

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