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Are you looking to improve your smile? Well, consider obtaining dental veneers at our Melbourne clinic to help improve the shape and look of your teeth. Becoming increasingly popular, porcelain veneers are very fine shells of porcelain bonded to the front of your teeth to cover chips, stains, close spaces between teeth and can even be used as an alternative to orthodontics for a more captivating and natural looking smile. These porcelain shells are so thin only a minimal amount of your natural tooth needs to be removed to blend seamlessly with your natural surrounding teeth.

At your consultation appointment, cosmetic dentist Dr Birdseye will develop with you a meticulous treatment plan to ensure your veneers appear completely natural.

The porcelain veneers process – how it all works

The first step to receiving your Melbourne porcelain veneers involves your teeth being lightly buffed so when the shell is placed over your tooth, it is the same thickness as those not receiving the treatment. Usually, between 0.5 – 0.7mm of enamel is removed. As your comfort is paramount, a local anaesthetic can be administered if requested, however, for the majority of our patients it is not required.

Once prepared, a mould of your teeth is made, which is then sent to our preferred dental laboratory and used as a template for the fabrication of your veneers. They will then usually take around two weeks to complete. Often temporary veneers can be placed so you can retain your smile and appearance.

Are you ready for a complete smile makeover?

Once we have received your dental veneers at our Melbourne clinic, your appointment to have them placed will take between one to two hours. First, the veneers are checked for fit and shade, at this point, the colour can still be adjusted to blend identically with your natural tooth shade. If you are planning teeth whitening, as many of our patients do when they’re aiming for a complete smile makeover, this should be completed prior to receiving your new veneers, as whitening cannot change the colour of the porcelain only your natural tooth enamel.

To apply the porcelain shells, your tooth is cleansed with specially developed chemicals, which will make the surface of your tooth a little rough and ensure a strong and lasting bond. A visible light beam initiates the release of a catalyst to harden the formulated dental cement, securing your new veneers permanently to your natural tooth.

You may find it takes you a couple of weeks to adjust to the feel of your teeth, as they have changed slightly in size and contour.

Regular maintenance

A thorough and regular maintenance routine of brushing twice a day with a soft bristled toothbrush and flossing once a day will keep your porcelain veneers, natural teeth and gums in perfect condition. It is important to schedule regular appointment check-ups for cleaning and oral health examinations so any problems can be detected in their developmental stage and prevented from becoming a concern.

How long do veneers last?

Veneers can last from seven to twenty years or more, with the right amount of dental care and maintenance. While the veneer itself is inert and non-living, the tooth or teeth to which they are attached and the surrounding gum tissues are living and may change.

How much do veneers cost Melbourne?

Each individual patient offers a different dental situation therefore, the cost for veneers at Birdseye Dental varies across the board. The cost and further details will of course be discussed with you during your consultation with Helen or Blake Birdseye, our principal dentists at Birdseye Dental.

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