Meet our Dentists

Meet our Dentists Melbourne

Principal Dentists

Dr Helen Birdseye & Dr Blake Birdseye

Dr Helen and Dr Blake Birdseye both graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS).

Their vast experience across all facets of modern dentistry enables them to form a rapid and accurate diagnosis and develop a personalised treatment plan for an excellent holistic outcome for patients. This approach is much more beneficial for long-term dental health.

Helping patients achieve the smile they have always desired with cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign® to straighten teeth and porcelain tooth coloured restorations is a day-to-day priority. Seeing the difference, personally and professionally, that a beautiful smile makes to the lives of their patients is extremely rewarding for Dr Helen and Dr Blake.

Helen and Blake have 3 children and away from their busy schedules at the dental practice, they are equally busy juggling their home life commitments.

They are members (and competition players) at the Kooyong Tennis Club and active sailors at the Sorrento Sailing Club. They also make an annual trip to the ski fields, often attending a Dental Congress Week in Thredbo, NSW, where the dentists’ downhill ski race is always great fun with the playback film clips of the spectacular falls being a particular highlight.

Then there are the demanding series of dental courses and seminars they attend to keep up with all the latest developments in modern dentistry so they can provide the most up to date and top quality care for their patients.