Gum Lift & Recontouring

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Gum lift & recontouring is tailored to suit you and your smile

Gum lift & recontouring is simply changing the shape of your teeth and/or gums. The shape of the teeth can be changed by removing small amounts of tooth enamel so the tooth is more evenly matched to the surrounding teeth. The gum line can also be changed to present a more uniform appearance. Amazing results can be achieved by reshaping uneven or twisted teeth, making for a simple but dramatic makeover. Reshaping of the enamel structure is completely harmless and painless.

A mixture of different instruments and materials may be used on your teeth to reshape and perfect them. Commonly sanding tools are used. Most often, there is no need for numbing the area with anaesthesia. After shaping, the teeth are smoothed and polished, and you will able to view the finished results of your now perfect smile. In cases where procedures such as veneers or bonding have been combined with the tooth recontouring process, the procedure may require several visits.

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