Smile Lift & Rejuvenation

Smile Lift and Rejuvenation Treatment Melbourne

A smile lift & smile rejuvenation can help improve the appearance of your smile

As we get older, our jaw line can start to droop and the fold lines around your mouth become more pronounced. Patients in their mid to late 40’s may start to notice that their smile has changed and they cannot chew food like they used to. In the place of a once beautiful smile are unattractive lines and wrinkles which form around the mouth area. The bite collapses and worn down teeth are left. This loss of tooth structure is due mainly to excessive dental work and years of tooth grinding. A decrease in the facial dimensions from the chin to the nose leaves the face to look hollow.

Once it has been determined that the lower facial height needs to be increased to improve your facial aesthetics, we can then lengthen your existing teeth using various methods. The methods we offer include: inlays, veneers or composite build-ups. Before any treatment is carried out, a thorough examination of the temporomandibular joint will be needed. The result will be a beautiful smile and a dramatic improvement in your facial features.

Smile lift cost

The cost for smile lift surgery can differ for individual patients. To discuss the cost in further detail, contact the team at Birdseye Dental today.

Smile lift surgery Collins Street Melbourne

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