Home Whitening

Take Home Teeth Whitening

Birdseye Dental Group offer take home teeth whitening for your convenience

Tooth discoloration is caused by many contributing factors including strongly dyed foods, tea, coffee, red wine, some prescription medications and smoking. Although many people opt for in-chair teeth whitening as they often have an important upcoming event such as wedding, other patients prefer the relaxed convenience of whitening their smile in the comfort of their own home at times more suited to their hectic life schedule.

Following a comprehensive and detailed oral health check, a one of our dentists will help you to determine which of our at home whitening options will work best for you.

We are proud to offer Australian-made Pola teeth whitening, which is the market leader in whitening in the UK.

Take home teeth whitening from Birdseye Dental Group

We will instruct you on the correct use of the gel and the quantity you need to apply to your trays and how long to wear them in order to achieve your desired results. The results achievable using at home whitening is the same as the 30-minute, in-chair treatment, but as the whitening gel in the take home kit is less potent than that used in-office, your desired results may take up to a week to complete, although a noticeable change should be apparent after only a few applications.

If you experience sensitivity whilst using the at home treatment you should stop treatment applications for a few days. Often the use of desensitising toothpaste can alleviate the problem. If symptoms continue, please contact our practice immediately for further advice.