Your Twice A Year General Dentist Appointments Are Important

Your Twice A Year General Dentist Appointments Are Important

With daily care and no signs of problems you may feel like general dentist’s appointments are a waste of time and money however these appointments are just as important for your oral health as brushing and flossing.

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What happens at a general dentist’s appointment?


A general dentist’s appointment is similar to any medical check-up. Your dentist examines your teeth and gums, provides a professional cleaning and advises you on possible risks to your dental health.

This quick bi-annual appointment may sound simple but it can help detect early symptoms of dental problems and gum disease. Many of these have very mild or no symptoms at all when they start.

The main reason for dental check-ups is preventative care which is vital to maintaining and achieving optimal oral and dental health.

The benefits of preventative care


The saying prevention is better than cure is not just a cliché, it’s true. Most dental problems can easily be resolved or even prevented if the warning signs are picked up in the beginning before they start to cause serious problems.
Cavities for example can lead to tooth extraction if not detected in time and resolved with a filling, crown or root canal treatment.  Cavities can also be prevented with regular cleaning plaque removal and the early detection of weakness in the tooth’s natural protective shield, the dentine.

Serious oral health flaws you may not even be aware of until you see a dentist can include; early signs of gum disease, TMD, migrating teeth chips and tooth fractures.


Can there be something wrong with your teeth without you knowing it?


While pain and discomfort are the most common signs of a dental emergency, preventative care allows you and your dentists to prevent a dental emergency from occurring in the first place.

While trauma and accidents are unpredictable gum and dental disease happen gradually. The beginning phases of these oral problems are often asymptomatic.

A cavity will only start to cause pain and discomfort once it has grown large and reached the nerves and inner structures of your tooth. By this time serious action must be taken to protect the tooth from further decay as well as protect the other teeth from being affected.
Other dental emergencies follow the same pattern making early detection very important in preventing tooth loss and permanent damage.

Why you need professional teeth cleaning

Plaque builds up from the time your first tooth erupts. While regular brushing and flossing can decrease the amount of bacteria breeding film from clinging to your teeth and causing tooth decay and gum disease; some plaque may remain with the potential to harm your teeth and gums.

Professional dental cleaning is more aggressive than regular brushing and can ensure that your teeth are completely clean at least twice a year reducing that changes of tooth decay, gum disease and tooth discolouration.

General dentistry in Melbourne

Birdseye Dental is a dental practice for the whole family serving all your dental needs. We offer thorough dental visits to maintain your oral health and help you improve your oral hygiene routine for optimal dental health.
Dental check-ups are a necessary part of your oral health routine. Two check-ups a year can mean the difference between filling a small cavity on your tooth and having a tooth extracted because of irreparable decay.

These check-ups are also vital for gum health which is often neglected despite its necessity for healthy teeth.
Booking a check-up is as easy as making a phone call and does not require any special preparation. Call us now and secure your oral health.