Braces Melbourne

Conventional Fixed Braces

While most patients are suitable for Invisalign®, some people may require more intensive orthodontic treatment to correct their jaw and tooth alignment.

Today’s modern fixed braces are much finer and lighter than in the past, usually using tooth-coloured brackets on the front teeth to make them less obvious. Another type of braces, called “Lingual Braces” are place behind the teeth to make them “invisible”.

Removable Orthodontic Plates

Orthodontic treatment is typically prescribed for younger patients around 6-9 years of age while their teeth and facial bones are still developing. This enables them to be guided into their optimal position easier than when in their teenage years.

Early treatment may eliminate the possible need for extractions or fixed braces when children get older or make them suitable for Invisalign®.


Using transparent aligners to straighten your teeth, to find out more about what Invisalign can do for you, click here.

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